Founded in 1999, the company is located in Lishui District, Nanjing, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. More than 20 years of high-quality partners of the Ministry of railways have injected the spirit of enterprise and national craftsman. Nanjing Zhongsheng takes the processing and production of key parts of rail transit as the cornerstone and cooperates in the development of engineering machinery, special equipment and other industries. More than 500 front-line workers and dozens of technical teams have worked hard for many years to provide key metal parts in various industries. Now, from the roaring High-speed Railway Bullet train to the slowly rising elevator and escalator; From Eurasia to the extreme cold of America, there are the fruits of the struggle of Zhongsheng people. Nanjing Zhongsheng always adheres to tempering technology and quality control. We hope to serve more customers, extend and expand more industries, and bring higher efficiency and lower operating cost to the exclusive customized processing of product casting and forging. Become a supplier of high-end key parts providing all-round solutions.
Advantage Introduction

Have a professional technical R & D team; New product development, technology upgrading, process improvement and other services can be carried out according to customer needs.

It has modern production equipment, perfect testing equipment and traceable process flow in the whole process

From product R & D, raw material procurement, production, inspection to after-sales service, the key processes shall be subject to strict quality control, strict measurement and testing, improve product quality archives and improve product quality traceability system.
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